Video Gallery

    WTV International Tournament De Paddel 2015

    20th Internationaal Toernooi De Paddel 2015

    Tournament 2014 at the ramparts of Ypres

    International Tournament De Paddel 2013

    International Tournament De Paddel 2012

    International Tournament De Paddel 2011

How to enter the competition:

The entree fee is €140 (1st division , Ladies division, 2nd division, 3rd division and U15 division = €120)

through bank transfer

on the following account:
Post office: De Post 1 Ieper, Studentenstraat 10, B-8900 IEPER.
IBAN: BE22 0003 2576 9547

Kanoclub De Paddel / Internationaal Kanopolo Toernooi, Madeliefjeslaan 7, B-8900 IEPER
Account number: 000-3257695-47 with the message " Team name + division " before 1/07/2021

through bitcoin:
Choose English in the upper right corner
Use Team name + division as description
Payment must be made before 1/7/2021

The first who has paid, is the first on the subscribtionlist!