• The tournament games will be played according to the ICF Canoe polo rules 2018

    Games of 2 times 10 minutes, a 2minute half-time-break to change sides;

    SHOT CLOCK in the 1st division and Ladies Division

    The ranking in the league (first round) is determined by:

    points gained (winning = 3 pts., draw = 1 pts., loss = 0 pts., not played = 0)

    best goal balance

    most goals scored

    inter-match result

    red/yellow cards


    In a knock-out system, every match needs a winner.

    No winner after regular time, penaltys whit a goalkeeper

    Final and semi Final:

    No winner after regular time, there will be 5 minutes extra time, 1 minute break, again 5 minutes extra time? and so on. A golden-goal will end the match! NO shoot-out;

    A red card means exclusion for the next match (always). Three times yellow (over) more matches means exclusion for the next match as well!

    Participation is at your on risk.


    Kanoclub De Paddel

    Maddeliefjeslaan 7

    8900 Ieper

    Tel/Fax: +32 57 36 00 79