Sleeping facilities

    • How to enter the competition:

      The entree fee is €140 (1st division , Ladies division, 2nd division, 3rd division and U15 division = €120)

      through bank transfer

      on the following account:
      Post office: De Post 1 Ieper, Studentenstraat 10, B-8900 IEPER.
      S.W.I.F.T.: BPOTBEB1
      IBAN: BE22 0003 2576 9547

      Kanoclub De Paddel / Internationaal Kanopolo Toernooi, Madeliefjeslaan 7, B-8900 IEPER
      Account number: 000-3257695-47 with the message " Team name + division " before 1/07/2021

      through bitcoin:
      Choose English in the upper right corner
      Use Team name + division as description
      Payment must be made before 1/7/2021

      The first who has paid, is the first on the subscribtionlist!